Since 2018, Nine Process has carried out the projects of about 400 brand clients and has carried out various design works.

In many processes, we are growing every year by analyzing the needs of brand owners, the services that brands need to have, and the needs of customers who need brands, and building optimized brand work.

In collaboration with Naver and Loud Sourcing, which focus on design services, he leads branding projects focusing on active experts. are doing

Our goal is to create a solid brand that will stand at the center of the market for a long time and grow based on solid research rather than a simple project that only enhances the aesthetics of the brand. We aim to create many brands based on growing services in the future.

In October 2018, we started a design agency under the name of 'Neo Minute'. Afterwards, with the service expansion in 2021, it was changed to a brand partner under the name of Nine Process, and a branding agency called 'The Nine Works', a corporate operator to provide comprehensive branding services, was established to classify areas according to project and allocation categories.

The Nine Process is operated by assigning seven professional designers to each project according to their capabilities, centered on the representative and main designer Park Jae-young.

We are working hard to produce high-quality results by participating in the project and providing feedback from the advisory representative.

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